Joy In The Park Cork

Happenings On The Move


Throughout the afternoon, there will be a number of  occurrences… 

Rebel Brass, Cork’s own New Orleans-style ensemble will weave their way through the park at unexpected times..

Da Silly Heads’ Gigantic Head will appear in various places during the afternoon… You can also find out more about them at their information stand as part of the support hub.

Storyteller, Steve Lally brings his repertoire of tales  from ancient Celtic epics of Ireland and beyond, with stories of adventure for children and a darker gothic edge for adults. Young ears will find him in the glade near the Joy Sylvie Spoken Word Stage at 12.30pm & 2.30pm and he performs the spoken words stage at 3.20pm.

And do keep an eye out for those Pompous Creatures, as they strut around the park…