Cork Public Museum

Cork Public Museum will be open throughout the afternoon. The oldest local authority museum in Ireland, it celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2020.

The museum contains a fine selection of silver, ceramics and other memorabilia connected with Cork’s civic life.

There is also a rich representation of the archaeological and medieval history of Cork and its surroundings in the museum.

During the afternoon, as part of Joy In The Park, we will be screening the short film  ‘Reality and Redemption’ in the foyer of the Cork Public Museum from 12.30pm and repeated throughout the day.

This powerful short film, tells the story of how making music inspired a journey of hope and redemption.  It has resonated with music lovers around the world, including Cedella Marley (musician and daughter of Bob and Rita Marley) in whose words: ‘This film captures the redemptive power of music and how it can heal emotional pain and inspire joy, compassion and love’.